In the 1930s, three friends witness a murder, are framed for it, and uncover one of the most outrageous plots in American history.

Starring: Casey Biggs, John David Washington, Chris Rock, Colleen Camp, Robert De Niro, Anya Taylor-Joy, Max Perlich, Ed Begley Jr., Dey Young, Alessandro Nivola, André Tardieu, Richie Harrington, Shiree Nelson, Mike Azevedo, Beth Grant, Kindsey Vaughn, John Pirkis, Floyd Armstrong, Martin Harris, Donovan Hurst, Taylor Swift, Brandon Jack James, Daniel Riordan,
Genre: Comedy, Drama, History
Countries: United States
Directors: David O. Russell
Release Date: October 27, 2022
Runtime: 2.23hr
IMDb Rating: Amsterdam (2022) on IMDb

4.50/5 - (2 Votes)

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